Academic crisis? Contact FRiS!

TL;DR: FRiS represents and defends the interest of all students at the UGent faculty of engineering and architecture. Topics discussed within FRiS vary from changing the faculty calculator to a more user-friendly one to writing a standpoint about the publishing of scores of exams and papers or the survey about English lessons. Every month we have a meeting to where every student share his/her/x ideas about different topics. Feel free to read further for more information!

What is FRiS

FRiS is the “Facultaire Raad van Ingenieursstudenten” or Faculty Board of Engineering Students. FRiS groups all student representatives (StuVers in Dutch) from the various councils and committees at our faculty.

We are the central student council for all engineering students of the faculty of engineering and architecture (FEA) at Ghent University! All students, representatives or not, are welcome.

What does a student representative do? A StuVer is a student who attends meetings in which the future of your education, our faculty and the whole university is determined. They are the students (in your class) you can talk to if there are problems. Do not hesitate to contact them! On the faculty website under councils and committees you can find who represents you.

Who is FRiS

You are FRiS! All students from the FEA are welcome with their problems or suggestions to bring our faculty to the next level. In our monthly meetings every student is more than welcome to help think about bigger current affairs and raise issues which deserve closer attention.

The day-to-day operation and coordination is taken care of by the FRiS board. The main board member for you is your campusmanager, who is the contact person for your education (engineering technology, engineering or engineering-architecture). On you can find your campusmanagers of this year; don’t hesitate to talk to them when necessary.

At our faculty there are about 150 student representatives who attend councils and committees to make your voice heard. In most councils and committees at our faculty there is at least one student who has a voice and vote in all decisions made.

What does FRiS do?

FRiS represents and defends the interests of all students at our faculty. We do this by means of monthly General Assemblies. These meetings are open to all FEA students and take place alternately on the different campuses (Plateau, Schoonmeersen and Kortrijk). Would you like to attend a meeting? Or do you have additional questions? Then take a look at our website or Facebook page where you can find all the details. In addition, we also organize a number of events every year. Workshops, recruitment events, thank you events or a drink with professors; all worth attending!

What can you contact us for?

How can you contact us?

Via your FRiS campusmanager

General e-mail

Facebook and instagram page

@FEA.FRiS (links in menu of this site)